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Digital Freedom Movement is your one stop shop for any and every Digital Marketer or Online Entrepreneur out there no matter where you are on your journey. Whether you are aspiring to be one, have dabbled a little, or you just have the passion to change your life, Digital Freedom Movement is made for you. We are like no other online training platform out there, we supply everything including the blueprint to your success.

Our flag ship product the Freedom Elite Course has all the software required for your success (no extra charges associated), the sales funnels are designed and optimized, your ads are written and high converting, the products have been tried and tested, and we have the 6 Figure Online Coaches to not only create a custom plan for you but also to help you impliment the training successfully.

We are the change you have been looking for in your life. A hub for the go getters, the freedom seekers, the individuals that want more out of life, the ones that were born for something more… We have blown our competitors out of the water with our state of the art training platform that will help you learn that it only take 10% of the work to get 100% of the commission! We deal in high ticket items and automated business models where you will be turning $10 into $50 with letting your business do the heavy lifting for you.

Just A Few Of The Success Stories

Meet Us

The Founders Of DFM

Kelland Chaffee

Kelland Chaffee

DFM Founder

Kelland grew up in foster care which was not always easy but it did give him an appreciation for all that he had in life. As he aged he had to grow up fast having his first daughter at the age of 17. Which made him quickly have to jump into the workforce and that led him into the heavy-duty mechanic trade. He always knew he was meant for more than turning wrenches and want his daughters to have a better life than he did. He looked at many different businesses but always saw huge $$$ around them. He started his first online business in April 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. He created his own digital family with DFM and continues to help others achieve more than they ever thought they could.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

DFM Founder

Mark is a father of two amazing boys which mean the world to him. They were his big driving force to getting into the online business in the first palce, he wanted to spend more time with them and stop missing all the special moments that life has to offer. He is just a regular guy that used to manage a mechanic shop where he worked at for 12 years but felt capped at the age of 30, which no one ever wants to feel. Even though he never could’ve imagined himself in the online world, online marketing has given him the freedom to live the life he always dreamed of. Now his new goal is to help others achieve their goals and dreams, its always been Mark’s passion and now he can do it on a larger scale.

The Freedom Creators

Annette Leicester

Annette Leicester


Rene Doucet

Rene Doucet


Shawn Breden

Shawn Breden


Lillian Minsion

Lillian Minsion


John Olson

John Olson




What We Are

We ARE a successful program with real success stories.
We ARE all about one on one coaching and mentorship.
We ARE all about community and building relationships.
We ARE about giving you everything you need to be successful.

What We Are Not

We are NOT just another “Fad Program” on Affiliate Marketing.
We are NOT about forgetting that you are a part of our community
We are NOT about leaving you stranded and feeling like you have no one to help you throughout building your online business. 
We are NOT about guessing what will work and showing you theory.

We Answer Your Questions Live!

Join us LIVE on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s inside our private groups and we will answer your questions throughout the hangout. These are not just another pre-recorded training session. We actually want interaction and to hear from all of our community! We will not finish until everyone’s questions are answered. You will learn all the up to date strategies that we are currently using in our businesses on how to turn any business into a lead generation machine. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years. We will show you how to spend just 30 minutes to constantly be taking your business to the next level. 

What is our specialty?

We specialize in both High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

An affiliate is a person who is selling a service or product for another business to earn a commission. 

9 out of 10 online purchases someone makes an affiliate commission. Which is crazy when you are thinking about the amount of sales that are made every day. Here is an example, lets say you are purchasing something off of Amazon, two people profit from your purchase. The person that owns the business of the product being marketed and the other is the person who is marketing the product. Pretty simple right?

These methods of marketing make it so you don’t need to deal with any of the unneccessary variables like creating or investing a product, shipping logistics, returns, inventory costs, customer service, etc… Affiliate Marketing is by far the easiest way to become successful in the online world. 

Now lets get into Socail Media Marketing. The reason this is so important is because this is how you will get those products in front of your target customers eyes. The more eyes you have on what you are marketing the more sales you will make. 

Companies like Facebook and Intagram tracks everything about us on their platforms so you can use that data to target things like, Age, Gender, Interest, Location, Demographics, etc… This comes in handy so you can use there over two Billion people on their networks respectively.

Best Practices for Turning Your New Leads into Customers

We will not only explain to you the importance of using a sales funnel to scale your business but also customize one specifically for your business needs. We will show you how easy it is to turn your leads into sales with a few simple techniques and the right guidance. 

Taking the Tech Headaches out of the Picture

You no longer need to rely solely on webmasters and freelancers to help you start your online business because you don’t know how to do it yourself. We will customize a business plan for you and your start up. We will provide all the software needed which removes the tech hurdles so you can start gaining momentum right away and reduces extra costs that will dip into your ad budget. 

You will only have to focus on you and how quickly you want to see success instead of learning all these unnecessary skills what will prolong your success. 

The Importance on Mentorship

When you have a mentor to help guide you on your online journey you can avoid costly pitfalls, you see life changing results much faster than you would have expected. Most importantly you save yourself the headaches of trying step after step in the search for the right pathway. You will be able to avoid all those unnecessary and costly mistakes by doing it on your own. Our Mentors and coaches are experienced and committed in helping you succeed. You will be assigned a coach who would already have made 6 figures online, this coach will be your go to person that will guide and advise you when you need help or are unsure of what to do next.

Digital Freedom Movement Review

DFM is amazing, DFM has shifted the way I think completely around. They have helped me build a online marketing business that is now making 5 figures every month and because of that I am able to use that money to fund my dream project. I 100% recommend working with DFM and hthere team. What I love most is that it's not just the business they hand hold you through it's the mindset that makes 99% of your success and they are masters at that. If you want to start making money online take the leap and just do it and stop questioning it. If you're committed and do everything your coaches tell you to you can build a 6 figure business within the year!!!! Thanks DFM I owe you so much gratitude.

Chris Vines

DFM has thought me so much more about how to run an online business than would ever be able to figure out on my own. Everyone is amazing! You get support from your coach as well as your fellow team members who are all like family because they genuinely care about you! The push you out of your comfort zone to push you toward success! Big thanks you to my coach Mark and to Kelland and Luisa and all the other coaches for all you do to change people's lives!

Nicole Barfield

Joining the system and community has completely flip turned my life. It took me from being someone that was suffering with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, being stuck in a job that I hated, a crippling amount of debt with a flat to upkeep and little to no money left over each month to be able to enjoy my life. Fast forward a year, I’m one of the happiest people you could meet. I am surrounded by amazing, like minded people every day who are pushing for their dreams and it’s so inspirational to see. I now do affiliate marketing full time so I’m able to set my days out however I want. I am able to travel and enjoy life like a young woman should. I also no longer suffer with the mental issues I had when joining because of all of the personal development that I have done for myself. Joining DFM was literally the best decision I could have made for myself. It’s allowed me to see and realise my true potential, where I know I wouldn’t have been able to without it. I am so eternally grateful for everything that it has enabled for me and so excited for my future!

Mel Rubin

DFM is an amazing group of loving people.
Maybe at first, people think it's all about making money, but that's not the case.
Sure, making money is great and everyone want to have a lot of it. But what I see inside of DFM, money is just a by product of our passion. And our passion is in my opinion the greatest yet. It's all about inspiring people to be their best selves. I just joined recently and I cant say anything less than that it's an amazing experience.

Thanks to DFM I can inspire people around the world with my passion, with all the things I think are important in life.
DFM, and all the wonderful members, thanks for changing my life to the best of my capabilities!

Willem Schenkelaar

Mark and Kelland are great! They are always very prompt in getting back to me and they are very motivated individuals!

Keith Schlichting

DFM has changed my life and now i can change others! Mark's smiles keep my day going and Marks is not as good as my wives. 

Chris Nunez

Mark is truly a great and authentic guy! Definitely has goals set for his life and family. It is truly an honor to know this guy and a pleasure of knowing his great values!!

Kelland is a rock star with his energy and buzz he gives to the community each and everyday!

Luisa is amazing all around. She is very inspirational and comes from a similar career background as myself. That has made me even more motivated to see that someone shares the same life that I’ve had in a career aspect. She is an amazing person to work with and has patience with people that are new to the business. It’s a pleasure to have someone like her to work with

Justin Dean

DFM has been amazing. Ive never met a bunch of open,welcoming strangers who've became like Family. They constantly strives for me and everyone around them to better. I love DFM and its the best choice ive ever made! Mark, Luisa and Kelland are absolutely awesome.

Lindsay Woods

Ive had the pleasure to work with DFM for quite some time now and i wouldnt be even close to where im at today without these guys, especially in mindset. They truly act as if your business was there own and thats the type of mentor and coach you want to work with!

Shawn Breden

DFM is your go-to-system. They helped me get started online and I could not have done it without there knowledge and constant support.

Nicholas Lamothe

I could go on and on on the way DFM has changed my life and shifted my mindset to such a better place in life but I would rather speak on the people themselves that have impacted me the most. 

Kelland and I have a very unique way we got connected. We actually met while I was back packing through Panama and had three very random encounters over the next 3 days. I knew it was a sign Kelland was supposed to be in my life and help me on my adventure. So anyone that may not think he is a real dude.... HE IS. He has continued to show up and inspire me to be better and do more. 

Luisa what a Gem!! She is so helpful and inspirational, does what she can to help people achieve their goals & dreams 🤗 the world needs more of this 👆

I have never met anyone like Mark! If you have an opportunity to work with him, you would be so incredibly blessed
! Mark is one of the most blazingly warm & caring human beings I have ever known, but also so humble about it!
Mark is also SO full of knowledge, and is well read & researched! He has an answer for almost everything, and if he doesn't, he will find out 🤗
As a coach & mentor, Mark is so good at teasing the potential out of you, in such a way that you can't help but feel like I GOT THIS 💪
Mark is always so grateful for every opportunity to coach and mentor people, working with them to reach their highest best self...how many of us can raise our hand if asked if we have anyone in our lives who do this for us?
Because of Mark, I know I can 🙋‍♀️

Jodi Mac

Big shout out and thank you to Kelland, Mark and Luisa and all the coaches at DFM. You guys are awesome and do so much for all of us. None of us would be where we are today or where we'll be tomorrow if it were not for your awesome coaching and knowledge!

Shane Tromp

I never imagined my life going down this path. Up until my son came along I imagined myself working in the vet industry for a very long time. I loved my job. I loved the animals and I loved the people I worked with. Once my son was born I had to find a way to stay home. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him in daycare. Missing milestones, missing him. So a few options later here I am with DFM. This is the most amazing opportunity I have ever encountered. I am able to stay home with my kids without the stress of wondering how we are going to make ends meet. Our lives have completely changed and continue to improve every day. I am eternally grateful for everything DFM is doing for us.

Amy Davidson

It's about chasing the vision, only then will the cash follow!
Big thanks to DFM leaders and coaches for putting in the work for our team, Thank you! What we have here wouldn't be possible without the coaches and the amazing leadership you guys give us.
Thank you all for leading us towards greatness!

Chuck Spenser

I had been looking out for opportunities for 5 years. I Tried couple of traditional businesses and online as well but nothing worked.

While in Facebook, I chanced upon DFM. Asked a lot of questions & wanted to be very sure as I've tried many businesses and failed so I was skeptical & thought its BS!
However there was this voice in me, asking me to try it out.
I am so thankful to God for this great opportunity ! DFM is awesome!! No kidding! I realise that I've failed previously due to lack of guidance or mentorship. Here in DFM, importance is given to couple of stuff 1) step by step guidance 2) one to one mentorship 3) high tech resources 4) most important community with coaches & fellow business minded people who are so willing to help each other!
Through their motivation I have overcome personal problems & have never been this positive about myself before!

BIG BIG thanks to everyone on DFM, especially my coaches(whom stay awake past bedtime to help me achieve my goals!) Rock on guys!

YOU,if you're reading this & wondering if it will change your life? I challenge you! DFM will BLOW your mind!!

Naveen Jonathan


Great coaches, easy to talk to, and very helpful if you’re looking for a life change!


Dakota Chapin

I wouldn't be where i am today without the help of Mark. Hes truly one of a kind coaches and knows the best solution possible for what ever obstacle you may face on the internet. hes inspired me to become to best version of myself possible and i will be forever grateful. stop hesitating and join DFM, you want him to be in your life as your coach, you will not regret it

Austin Rivard

DFM has been amazing, full of knowledge and energy, always available to help when needed. highly recommended

Troy Fehr

She is amazing! She has helped me with tons of my questions! Always gets back to me with great advice! Keep it up!

Blake Bartelli