Super Elite Membership

  • All of our courses under one roof: You will have access to every one of our courses that DFM currently offers. This is the royalty of online courses. With this accessibility you will have all the tools you need in building your online empire.


  • UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Coaching Included: You won’t get left behind. Your coach will jump on calls with you to answer your question as you learn and build your business. They will help you build a business just like theirs which is proven to make you money.
  • Multiple/Twice Weekly team hangouts: 7 figure Founders and Coaches hold multiple/twice weekly live interactive video hangouts where they go over their business and tell you all the new techniques to implement in your business to improve your campaigns and strategies.


  • Exclusive and Active Community: Interact with our members, ask questions and learn from other students like yourself. We truly have a very hands on community which in turn results in making some awesome friendships and bonds.


  • Customized sales funnel: We build you a custom landing page, sales funnel and an email marketing campaign to make sure you are targeting the right people and will get sales and start making commissions.
  • Instagram Training: Our Instagram training is one of the best on the market. We keep it up to date following the latest techniques and how to beat the algorithms implemented by Instagram and start monetizing your account.


  • Personal Branding: We teach you how to create and implement your own brand to your business. How to keep your brand on point with who you are. And we also create a custom logo to go with your vision.


  • Mindset Coaching: They say it all starts with having the right mindset and whoever they are are right! We will teach you how to overcome your roadblocks and unleash the business person within. Having the right mental attitude will open up a whole new world.

Why Join the Super Elite Membership?


Unlimited calls and mentorship from our six or seven figure coaches which is priceless in itself.

Instagram Ready

Instagram Training will show you how you can gain more followers organically and monetize your account.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding – This is the best package to go full in and have all the tools you need in one place.

Mindset Coaching

Learn how to overcome your negative thoughts and break thought those walls which are holding you back.