Congratulations On Booking Your
Business & Freedom Acquisition Call

Lets Be Friends

For us to be able to jump on our call we need to be friends on Facebook. So if you have not done so already add me as a friend!


Once you have added me as a friend I want to make sure we are connected and confirmed for the call. Send me a quick “Hi” to make sure there is no issues prior to our booking and feel free to ask me any questions that you may have on your mind.

Set Yourself Up For Success

On this call, it is important that we are on the same page and giving each other the focus and attention this deserves. I mean we are talking about changing your life and making life-altering amounts of money. So please be in a distraction-free zone and a quiet setting, no driving.

Know Why

This call will be the moment that you will look back at and see that your life changed forever. The reason you were able to acquire everything you ever desired and more. So with that being said come prepared knowing what you want to achieve and the mindset that you are going to have to do things you never have to achieve things you never have been able to before.

How to be prepared for the call?

Make sure our call is on your calendar and you know that you will be free for 15-30 mins at the scheduled time. Have all the four steps above done and ready. Lastly, just come in with the mind frame that it is time for a change in your life. No more working a job, no more having a boss, no more having someone else tell you what your time is worth, and no more struggling to live the life you deserve.

Know that if you want this to work for you it will and it will change your life like it has hundreds of people in the past but you have to be willing to do things differently because this is not a thing where you trade your time for money. The beauty of that is that you no longer will have a cap on your income!

Will you get support?

The reason you are getting on a call with one of our associates right now is because we do everything with a hands-on approach. This is not a thing when you are learning and have no one to ask questions to. From step one we show up for you and your success. So you will never be left wondering what to do or what’s next on this journey. We want you to win so you can tell everyone about it when you are showing off your freedom to make money from anywhere you want.