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Business Brainpower

New episodes released twice a week!

What is Business Brainpower?

Your brain is your most powerful muscle that you have, that you can leverage on an everyday basis to create the life you desire. This podcast was created to help strengthen it and focus it on the gains that will unlock the life, success and future that you ultimately deserve.

We will dive into how Mark R Wilson The Viking Marketer has turned himself from a 9-5er with tons of debt to a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He will go over the shifts that you need to make to do the same transitions in your life.

Tune in daily to level up your health, wealth and happiness. Your business and life will thank you for it.

The Online Entrepreneur Experience

New episodes are released once a week!

What is The Online Entrepreneur Experience?

The Online Entrepreneur Experience is the most EPIC series on the planet for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about running and scaling an online business, the entrepreneur journey, the rigors of being a business mentor, and marketing awesomeness! Kelland and Mark are the founders of Digital Freedom Movement, a digital marketing training platform that helps the everyday individual build an online business that gets you paying clients from all over the globe!