All About Luisa Abela

I was a full time Head Chef on board Super Yachts cooking for the rich and famous. I traveled extensively with my job so much so I used to forget what country I was in. The money way great but the hours….. 19 hour work days.. yes you read correctly 19 hours! with 0 days off for 7 months at a time.
I reached a breaking point when I was in Sardinia Italy. I had gotten 4 hours sleep in 2 days and I was so high on caffeine I was shaking. One afternoon while slaving away in the heat I looked out of a tiny porthole (window) from my Galley (kitchen) and saw the guests jumping into this amazing clear blue water, everyone was having so much fun. I got this strange feeling of happiness for them but then a sense of sadness for me because I was missing out on so much of my own life. I dedicated my life to my job away from my family and friends. I was making really good money but was money worth my happiness?
One day after a very long 10 day charter on the yacht I had a slight melt down, I think it was due to the lack of sleep, lack of time off and lack of time to actually eat. I just fell to the floor and felt a sense of desperation. I decided that’s it, I can’t do this to myself anymore. I didn’t want to be one of those people who missed out on all the beautiful things life had to offer just because I had a stable job.
I want to be the Guest on board the yacht not the Crew. I gave in my notice 2 days later. The sense of relief I felt was immeasurable.
I’ve never looked back.
I had no idea what I was going to do after yachting. But that was kind of exciting!
One night while scrolling through Facebook I saw an Ad about Online marketing and Mentorship/Business coaching. It’s so unlike me to even click on something like that because i’m one of those super skeptical people but after talking to the person who placed the ad and saw exactly what they do I was blown away. After all I had nothing to lose and everything to gain!
It’s OK to be skeptical, we as human beings always dismiss that which we don’t understand or know. But giving someone a chance to explain and educate us on a new skill not only makes you open minded but it may also change your life!
Fast forward 3 years and I now teach people how to start an Online Marketing business together with my business partners.
The thought of starting a business could be terrifying for most people because there is so much information out there but no one actually shows you step by step what you need to be doing, but what we do which makes us different is we help you build your business and we Mentor and Coach you! One on One, we jump on weekly calls with you and show you what your next steps need to be.
I knew I couldn’t do it alone myself, mainly because I had no idea what I was doing and how many components needed to be in place to actually start getting the results I’ve always dreamed about.

I could go on and on on the way DFM has changed my life and shifted my mindset to such a better place in life but I would rather speak on the people themselves that have impacted me the most. 

Kelland and I have a very unique way we got connected. We actually met while I was back packing through Panama and had three very random encounters over the next 3 days. I knew it was a sign Kelland was supposed to be in my life and help me on my adventure. So anyone that may not think he is a real dude…. HE IS. He has continued to show up and inspire me to be better and do more. 

Luisa what a Gem!! She is so helpful and inspirational, does what she can to help people achieve their goals & dreams 🤗 the world needs more of this 👆

I have never met anyone like Mark! If you have an opportunity to work with him, you would be so incredibly blessed
! Mark is one of the most blazingly warm & caring human beings I have ever known, but also so humble about it!
Mark is also SO full of knowledge, and is well read & researched! He has an answer for almost everything, and if he doesn’t, he will find out 🤗
As a coach & mentor, Mark is so good at teasing the potential out of you, in such a way that you can’t help but feel like I GOT THIS 💪
Mark is always so grateful for every opportunity to coach and mentor people, working with them to reach their highest best self…how many of us can raise our hand if asked if we have anyone in our lives who do this for us?
Because of Mark, I know I can 🙋‍♀️

Jodi Mac

DFM has been amazing. Ive never met a bunch of open,welcoming strangers who’ve became like Family. They constantly strives for me and everyone around them to better. I love DFM and its the best choice ive ever made! Mark, Luisa and Kelland are absolutely awesome.

Lindsay Woods

DFM has thought me so much more about how to run an online business than would ever be able to figure out on my own. Everyone is amazing! You get support from your coach as well as your fellow team members who are all like family because they genuinely care about you! The push you out of your comfort zone to push you toward success! Big thanks you to my coach Mark and to Kelland and Luisa and all the other coaches for all you do to change people’s lives!

Nicole Barfield

Big shout out and thank you to Kelland, Mark and Luisa and all the coaches at DFM. You guys are awesome and do so much for all of us. None of us would be where we are today or where we’ll be tomorrow if it were not for your awesome coaching and knowledge!

Shane Tromp

Mark is truly a great and authentic guy! Definitely has goals set for his life and family. It is truly an honor to know this guy and a pleasure of knowing his great values!!

Kelland is a rock star with his energy and buzz he gives to the community each and everyday!

Luisa is amazing all around. She is very inspirational and comes from a similar career background as myself. That has made me even more motivated to see that someone shares the same life that I’ve had in a career aspect. She is an amazing person to work with and has patience with people that are new to the business. It’s a pleasure to have someone like her to work with

Justin Dean