Module 7 –¬†Ways to Make & Spend $$$ on IG

In this module we be breaking down several ways to both spend and make money. We will show you the most effective methods to use.

Step # 1 – Free Targeting of Customers

You will find out some strategies to gain clientele with spending zero dollars but still find ones that will be interested in your products.

Step # 2 – Buying/Selling Shout Outs

This is one of the more highly effective methods on Instagram for getting your bang for your buck and gaining an income with little work.

Step # 3 – Selling Accounts

In this video it will break down the how you can make money by building accounts and than selling them to other influencers.

Step # 4 – Brokering Deals

You will find out all out being a middle man in a transaction without having any products or services of your own. This is very similar to being an affiliate.

Step # 5 – Buying/Selling Power Engagement

In this video we will dive deeper into power engagement and it can benefit not only your account but your bank account as well.

Step # 6 – Buying/Selling DM Groups

This video you will show you the ins and outs of how you can buy into and sell spots of these groups.