Module 5 – Direct Message (DM) Groups

In this module you will learn all about what DM groups are, why they are so important and how to get in them.

Step # 1 – Overview of DM Groups

You will be shown all the ins and outs of DM groups and what the criteria is.

Step # 2 – Forming and Getting into Groups

We will walk you through how to get in multiple different groups and how to create successful groups.

DM Group Rules. First you need to turn notifications on on everyone’s accounts that are in this group when they make a post. When anyone is makes a post on IG they need to put this emoji in this chat box 🆕 and than we will all see that they have made a post. Go check your feeds on IG and like and comment. We need to do that asap the faster we all comment on each other stuff the more power will be behind.. Comments should be 3 words and up. If you are caught breaking these rules 3+ times you will be kicked out of this group.