Module 3 – Posting

In this module we will show you all the different types and styles of posting. You will be show which ways are most effective and how to maximize your engagement per post. You will be taken step by step on how to post and why you want to construct your posts a certain way.

Step # 1 – Breaking down the types and styles of posts

You will be shown what is the difference between a regular, story and live posts are. All the benefits of posting each way will be gone over and you will be shown how to maximize your reach with each.

Step # 2 – How often should you be posting and when

This video will go over the most optimal times of the day you should be posting. What strategies you should use to maximize your growth rate.

Step # 3 – Hashtags

We will go over what hashtags are and how they bring you value. You will also be shown where you can find hashtags and different strategies to optimize them.

Step # 4 – Constructing your post

We will go over what content you should be posting and how to find it. You will also be shown the way your posts be constructed to maximize each one.