Rene Doucet “Dueces”

René Doucet, or Dueces, as he is known in the online space, has taken the online business world by storm from the day he started in April of 2021. His mixture of unique talents such as curating captivating content, writing thought provoking ad copy and his ability to help people hit heights they never thought they could has made him a rising star. Since taking the online business world by storm Dueces has been able to help hundreds of people unlock their true potential with a very hands on approach to not only building brand aligned content that scales, but also go from never making a dollar online to earning 5 figures a month. To stop the day to day struggle and start getting in a bigger engine that gets them the quality of life that they desire.

“DFM isn’t the only way to make money online, but the only online program that is going to care about your success more than you is DFM” ~ René

René grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and person after person slave away in the oil fields, trades and the other grueling long houred work that Alberta is known for. After trying it out in his early 20s he knew that there had to be more to life than just working and working then repeating that process while never achieving your goals. He did not want to get to his 40s be miserable with nothing to show for his hard work other then a broken body and debt.

So, on a whim he sold all his possession and moved to Kelowna BC Canada where he still lives today. René moved from hard labor to CAD Design but it just turned into the same thing as what he thought he had moved away from. Bosses that treated you poorly, paid you less than you were worth, while always wanting more and never being appreciated for it. He saw some videos talking about online business and being able to leverage the internet to be able to make money. He knew this was his destiny and it always stuck with him. He tried a few different things but it just never seem to be what he envisioned in his mind. Even through some of that hardship, he kept the dream of having his own online business in the back of his mind.

It took a good while for him to make his way to the DFM family but he knew that if he wanted to live life on his terms, he was going to need to take a leap of faith. He saw a video of some guys (Kelland and Mark) and thought these guys seemed like regular people. People that he could actually get with and that might just be the answer to the question that had been swirling in his mind for so long. “How to make money online”

“We’re so glad he did because in a very short time he has become one of our top coaches and is now dedicated to guiding amazing individuals. I knew from day one of meeting Rene that nothing was going to get in his way of his goals. I just needed to answer his questions and he would be on his way to the top. When you have a desire and you take action your success is right around the corner and that is exactly what Rene embodies.” ~ Mark Wilson

Just like you, Rene is just an ordinary person that wanted to turn his life of chaos into one that gives them next-level profits and unlimited freedom. It is always easier than me think it is, you just need to be willing to invest into yourself and take action.