I’m an ex heavy duty mechanic that always knew there was more to life than slaving away my years working in the elements for people who didn’t care about me or my well being. I just couldn’t handle working for someone else’s dreams instead of my own.

I had my mind made up that I wanted to be able to have more than what I was blessed with. I wanted to get more out of my genetics. I wanted to get more out of my time. I did not want to wait until I was old and grey to be able to do the things I wanted to and live the way I wanted to.

After toiling around not getting what I wanted out of life for years and years I decided the people I was surrounded with and the “well known” information that was out there about health, fitness and overall life could not be right. I saw too many other people living extraordinary lives while having the physique that I wanted. I just needed to look past the “well known knowledge” that was out there.

First I started with work and I conquered the online business world. Had my first 5 figure month in less than 60 days into that adventure. Quit my job, and started traveling the world. Scaled my business and income up to having $50k+ months. Branched out and started sharing what I did to change my life financially with others while helping them change their financial futures.

After running that successfully for years, I decided to branch out that exact same mentality that took me to an extraordinary life with business and directed it to fitness. I had felt like I had plateaued for years and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I dove into pharmacology and enhancements to see if they could be the X factor I had been looking for. There was so much information out there that was scary saying you shouldn’t do it and all the side effects which were really off-putting to be honest. Then I started looking past the plastered information that was out there just like how you don’t have to work a job there are easier ways out there same goes for enhancements. I found so much information saying how to start your path of enhancing yourself in a safe way that didn’t have all the negative side effects people kept saying there were.

After going down that path and seeing insane results I never thought I would ever get, I knew this needed to be out there. I knew I had to take what I learned as coaching people successfully in online business to this industry. I knew that the truth about enhancements, steroids, trt and everything in between needed to get out there. There were so many people that were hurting themselves or simply not getting the results they wanted because of just being uneducated. This is when the LOOK GOOD NAKED nation was created.

Ever since I have been putting all my time into helping others achieve the body that they desire.