Annette Leicester

Before you can really get to know who Annette is you need to know where she came from. Working in health care for 14 years and dedicating herself to others she found at the end of the day she was lacking true enjoyment out of life.

“Never got time off, always had to stay late which led me to a lot of missing. Missing all my kid’s special moments while being a single mom they were left experiencing that with no parent around. My son all of a sudden was grown up and I felt like I didn’t get to see it, then poof he was 17. Constantly choosing work I missed so much, getting other people to watch him while I was working. I knew I didn’t want the same for my daughter but I just didn’t know it was doable. I just never seemed to make ends meet off my one income even with all the overtime.”

She realized she was just a number, never allowed to put herself first. Never got to use any vacation time, to make up the missed time. Was not allowed to prioritize her well being and her family always had to be there for others. Struggling month to month and the exact same cycle keep happening over and over she knew that there had to be a better way.

“I was talking to my boyfriend about it. What else can I do for work. All I have training in was health care and waitressing. The fact I didn’t have any other skills useful for achieving my financial goals really bummed me out, he suggested I join him with DFM. That I was more than capable of learning new skills but ones that would pay me more and would let me have control of my time.”
Now for most this isn’t something that she ever expected to be doing or be succeeding at but she knew that she just couldn’t go on any longer on the pathway that was no longer serving her purpose.

“It honestly was the best decision I ever made. Showed up to the trainings, took the tough love exactly how it was intended TO HELP ME LEVEL UP! I showed up with my best effort every day and kept my focus where it needed to be. Even with me getting into a horrible car accident 4 months after starting. I didn’t let it stop me. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I knew that was not going to help me. Instead of the accident being something that tragically happened to me I made it be something that happened for me and I took full advantage of the time to really set myself up to never have to go back to health care.”


Her passion for helping others better her life has not changed it has just shifted. She now is able to help people in a bigger way, to be able to achieve a life of abundance and success.
Life doesn’t have to be so hard and no one is ever stuck with one job. Its just a choice you are making. Just like Annette you can make a different choice. She would be glad to chat with you able ot and how you can break free of the struggle and build a life you design.